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Great Places to Live in Fort Collins, Colorado

System - Friday, June 5, 2020

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Fort Collins, a craft beer capital, is widely appreciated for its proximity to the great outdoors, bordered by plains and mountains. It has a vibrant nightlife, with more than 20 breweries. It also holds many popular beer fests.

Fort Collins also has an exciting art community where galleries and museums showcase local artists’ works. Every month they hold First Friday Gallery Walks where you can witness performing arts and music. You can also pick up some original art pieces and crafts as souvenirs.

Business-wise, Fort Collins is highly attractive. Many tech companies have set up offices here including Hewlett Packard, Intel, and more. Fort Collins is interesting as a residential place for young professionals. It’s a college town that holds several large festivals every year so the city is always teeming with visitors. 

If you have plans of moving to Fort Collins, hiring a professional property manager like Onsite Property Management Services can help you find the best neighborhood for you. We have compiled a list of great neighborhoods for you to check out:

1. North Fort Collins

North Fort Collins is great for families who appreciate a calm lifestyle and countryside views. Sometimes the crowds of Downtown are stressful, and North Fort Collins offers an escape from this bustle. There are plenty of attractions that families can visit. North Fort Collins is also known for the Fort Collins Country Club. 

Attractions in North Fort Collins:

  1. City Park

  2. Fort Collins Country Club

  3. Lee Martinez Park

  4. The Farm

  5. Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

best places to live in fort collins co

2. Central Fort Collins

One of the most central landmarks of Central Fort Collins is Colorado State University. There are plenty of local shops and restaurants surrounding the area. Among them is The Mayor of Old Town, Wild Boar Café, Waltzing Kangaroo, The Colorado Room, and Rainbow Restaurant. If you like being near sources of entertainment and restaurants, Central Fort Collins is the place for you.

Attractions in Central Fort Collins:

  1. Canvas Stadium

  2. Moby Arena

  3. The Oval

  4. Annual Flower Trial Garden

  5. Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

  6. Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising

3. South Fort Collins

If you love open spaces, South Fort Collins is the place for you. It has plenty of natural spaces such as Fossil Creek Reservoir and Fossil Creek Park. You’ll also find all the needed amenities in South Fort Collins, including a Home Depot, PetSmart, and Kohls in the local area. For those who cherish plenty of space and easy access to amenities, South Fort Collins is a good choice.

4. West Fort Collins 

West Fort Collins has many attractive neighborhoods, such as Quail Hollow which is charmingly serene and has bike trails to Spring Canyon Park. There are several schools and churches in West Fort Collins, making it a great choice if you have kids. You can also find a lot of local shops here.

Attractions in West Fort Collins:

  1. Pineridge Natural Area and Maxwell Natural Area

  2. Intersect Brewing

  3. McClellan’s Brewing Company

  4. Farmer’s Table

  5. Holiday Twin Drive-In

best neighborhoods in fort collins co

5. East Fort Collins 

For those who want a mix of natural scenery and big-city amenities, East Fort Collins is the best choice. This neighborhood has huge parks, wide-open spaces, and plenty of great attractions.

Attractions in East Fort Collins:

  1. William Oliver’s Publick House

  2. Front Range Village

  3. Jessup Farm Artisan Village

  4. DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery

6. Downtown 

One of the most popular neighborhoods in the city downtown Fort Collins. It’s well-preserved and offers a historical setting at the core of the city. Its location is close to universities and many attractions. The downtown area is considered one of the liveliest neighborhoods, where visitors and locals alike can converge to enjoy free events, festivals, and more. 

Attractions in Downtown Fort Collins:

  1. Old Town Square

  2. Northern Hotel

  3. Tour de Fat

  4. FoCoMX

  5. Colorado Brewers’ Festival

  6. Downtown Artery

  7. The Armstrong Hotel

  8. Ace Gillett’s

  9. Museum of Art Fort Collins

  10. The Exchange

  11. Bean Cycle Roasters

  12. Magic Rat

  13. Coopersmith’s

  14. Walrus Ice Cream

  15. Bohemian Nights

  16. The Armstrong Hotel

  17. Equinox Brewing

  18. The Garage 

  19. Odell Brewing Company

  20. New Belgium Brewing Company

  21. Union Bar & Soda Fountain

  22. Ginger and baker

  23. Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

  24. Snowbank Brewing

  25. Backporch Café

  26. Funkwerks

  27. Feisty Spirits Distillery

7. Midtown 

Another popular Fort Collins area is Midtown. Here you can explore many activities and attractions. Midtown is close to and provides accessibility to the Downtown area. Visitors often find themselves exploring this area, since Downtown is where the largest hotels are located. 

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Attractions in Midtown:

  1. Blue Moose Art Gallery

  2. Foothills Mall

  3. Edora Park

  4. Warren Lake

  5. Purpose Brewing and Cellars

  6. Zwei Brewing Company

  7. Maxline Brewing

  8. Gilded Goat Brewing Company

  9. Black Bottle Brewery

  10. Trader’s Joe

  11. Whole Foods Market

  12. King Soopers

  13. Barnes & Noble

  14. Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum

  15. Gardens at Spring Creek

  16. The Moot House

  17. Creperie & French Bakery of Fort Collins

  18. The Light Center

  19. Wilbur’s Total Beverage

  20. Music City Hot Chicken

  21. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Looking for a Place to Live in Fort Collins? 

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